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Spring 2017

Biology, Environmental Science & Humanities

Essential Questions

  • What spaces are protected in San Diego? Why?

  • What criteria do we use to determine what needs to be protected?

  • How do we maintain protection in the face of threats?

Project Overview

The greatest threat to species is habitat loss. To combat these losses, conservation efforts are occurring around the world, protecting not just species and their habitats but also the intangible and tangible expressions of human interaction at these sites. This semester, we will explore conserved and protected spaces from sea to summit in San Diego County and gain hands on exposure to wetlands, canyons, shorelines, marine areas and mountains. Additional time will be spent in class researching habitats of interest, identifying issues impacting San Diego, and writing a problem-solution paper to address how we can preserve our environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine our thoughts and experience with protected spaces.

  • Research and analyze issues related to project questions.

  • Write a problem-solution essay.

  • Create an action item and present it to a stakeholder.

Sea to Summit: TeamMember
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April 12, 2025


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April 12, 2025


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April 12, 2025


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