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Power + Place Team Map

This map represents research locations within San Diego. Each pin will direct you to the work of an individual student. For the Power portion of our project, viewers may learn about the history, places of interest and political representation as well as a social issue in each location.For the Place portion of our project, student work includes human impacts on environmental resources in San Diego county’s urban environment.

How to use this map

You may select which layer you would like to use to find the student, neighborhood or research category you are interested. On the left hand side of the map, you may click on the boxes for the desired layer. We recommend looking at one layer at a time. 


Research Overview

In preparation of this research, over 100 students in the 11th grade collected data from their neighborhoods using ecological survey methods. They examined the natural and built environment which included collecting data on invasive ants for UCSD, searching for native spiders for UC Berkeley as well as checking COVID rates and air quality index. If you would like to find student work by topic, go to our Power + Place Distribution Data Map and select the “Research Category” layer.  If you would like to reference our open source data collected during the project, it is also linked here: Open Source HTH Urban Ecosystem Data Fall 2020

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What is the state of San Diego's urban environment today?

How are environmental problems barometers for social justice in San Diego?

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